Case Studies

Solar Panels for Homeowners in Gorsley

Solar Panels

We were asked by local clients, living in Gorsley, to provide an Integrated Solar Panel system to their property. Utilising the customers garage roof, we installed 12 300w all black panels to provide an aesthetically pleasing look to fit in with the rural scenic Herefordshire location. By installing an in-roof mounting system the solar panels […]

Air Source Heat Pump for Lydney Home

Air Source Heat Pumps are brilliant  for lots of reasons and we've installed hundreds, so if you want to find out more call us.

Here’s another recently completed installation of an Air Source Heat Pump in Lydney, Gloucestershire. The owners rightly deciding that a warm house with plenty of hot water is a great idea. This new heat pump replaced an existing wood burner and with the addition on some new efficient radiators they are going to be feeling […]

Renovated Brockhampton Cottage Using Ground Source Heat Pump

Our bespoke housing unit being lowered into place at the cottage.

A recent project to renovate and extend a old cottage situated in a picturesque Herefordshire Estate has finally been commissioned and is supplying hot water and heating to the new tenants. The project was a long development and as part of our approach to providing a one stop installation we were able to provide on […]

Ledbury Home Changes to Air Source Heat Pump

GSM Limited installed an Air Source Heat Pump in Ledbury, Herefordshire. Would you like to see how they work ?

Many customers think or have been told that they will need to change radiators and this is a perfect example where we have switched this home from oil to an Air Source Heat Pump and there has been no change of radiators. We have installed a bigger 210 litre heat pump ready water cylinder and […]

Hereford Home Using Ground Source Heat Pump Technology

A Kensa Ground Source Heat Pump unit installed in the utility room of our newest cusotmers. This included moving the existing domestic appliances and creating a safe environment for the unit to be sited.

We have found that when looking at changing your heating and hot water it can be a confusing process to work through. You then have to consider the technology that is best suited for you, your family and your home. Budget constraints play a part and a desire to have an effective and efficient system […]

Renovated Redmarley Home Gains New Air Source Heat Pump

Find out how you can benefit from Heat Pump Technology call GSM Limited

As a proactive installer of Air Source Heat Pump Technology, we are definitely seeing a strong belief in the public domain over how good Heat Pumps are at providing efficient heating and hot water. Our customers are definitely benefiting from making the switch from oil, LPG or electric storage heaters to Air Source Heat Pumps, […]

New Air Source Heat Pump for Herefordshire Extended Home

Seamless service and back up, that's why builders and customers seek out GSM Limited. Renovated and extended house in Herefordshire.

GSM Limited work with a lot of construction companies across Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire, as they appreciate the quality of the workmanship and backup that we provide. This is yet another example of a recently extended house where we have been engaged by the builders to provide the heating and hot water system. Our builders […]

Solar Panels for Newport Home

Solar Panels can offer cost savings on your electricity bills, income from the Feed-in-Tariff, and even provide electricity for your hot water during the summer. why wait help your home from these benefits today.

Recent news has shown that the UK is producing more renewable power than ever before and despite the government withdrawing the higher Feed-in-Tariffs, solar panels can still play a fantastic part in reducing your electricity bills for the first saving, utilise a smart switch to heat your hot water during the more productive months for […]

Renovated Bungalow Gets New Heating System

GSM Limited has installed this 14kW Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump to a renovated bungalow in Upton-upon-Severn. Find out how you and your home could benefit by calling us on 01531 - 828 782.

Renovating a property can be a time consuming event as well as financially challenging!  One of the great benefits of choosing GSM Limited is that with our own plumbers and electricians we can fit in conveniently with your builders and at least take some of the stress away from you during the process. This bungalow […]

Ground Source Heat Pump for Redmarley Home

GSM Limited can complete the tranching for you. We are able to work around existing building contractors to make your life less stressful.

Our latest installation of a Ground Source Heat Pump for our customers in Redmarley, Gloucestershire, came about after they purchased their home and set about looking for an efficient and environmentally replacement for the incumbent oil boiler As with any important decision the process we undertake is to meet with the customers both on site […]

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